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Project Lead The Way (PLTW) Professional Development is focused on in-depth training (Core Training) and continuing education (Ongoing Training). By participating in these trainings, educators have the opportunity to increase their depth of content knowledge, skills and pedagogy related to specific PLTW courses instruction.

PLTW's Core Training (CT) is an intensive and immersive in-person training experience held at University of South Carolina (or another PLTW Affiliate University). During CT, teachers are immersed in course-specific curriculm, complete hands-on activities, projects and problems with a strong focus on pedagogy. Teachers must successfully pass CT for every PLTW course they wish to implement and instruct.




2016 T-shirt design competition winners are:

1st Place: Dutch Fork Middle - Kirkland Pottieger 

2nd Place: Wando High School – Yana Misyuchenko

3rd Place: Anderson 1& 2 - Josh Scott

Honorable Mention/Most Creative: West-Oak Middle - Ben Baker

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Looking to earn college credit for your PLTW courses?

Are you taking Project Lead the Way courses? Visit our Students page to learn about the College of Engineering and Computing and USC's requirements to receive undergraduate college credit.

Want to visit College of Engineering and Computing at USC?

Our college provides tours daily at 2 PM and also has two Big Friday events scheduled for each semester. Big Friday includes a panel of students from each department for a Q and A and then in-depth tour of the department of your interest. Big Friday starts at 3:30pm and ends at 5pm.  If you are a prospective student please go to www.cec.sc.edu/tours/index.html for more information.


Looking for field trips to College of Engineering and Computing? Events? Competitions?

Enhanced Learning Experiences (ELE): Current high school classes – preferably AP Science classes and Project Lead the Way classes – spend 4 hours (including a break for lunch) engaging in a topic specific, hands-on activity that will peak a student's interest.

National Engineers Foundation Week (eWeek)- Annual, Third week of February: eWeek is the highlight of our College where we get to celebrate engineering and computer science with Open House for K-12, where we open our doors to the general public to show our research and labs at an event which draws crowds of a thousand or more each year.

Find everything here: http://www.cec.sc.edu/outreach/index.html

Teachers love our program

“PLTW is an amazing program for students and teachers. The curriculum is exciting, current and captures the student’s interest. Students are completing the program with knowledge and experiences far beyond their peers. The content along with the critical thinking skills developed prepares them not only for futures in the healthcare and bioengineering fields but to be productive contributing citizens of the future.” - Erin Drennon, PLTW Biomedical Sciences Master Teacher, Hamilton Career Center

"I love PLTW because the curriculum not only stretches the horizons of what my students believe they can do, but also it challenges me to be a better teacher. Having seen the long-term success of our pre-engineering students due to the higher level thinking they have acquired, I have started to incorporate more project-based learning in my core classes." - Kirstin Bullington, PLTW Engineering Teacher, W.J. Keenan High School

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Teachers -

Are you looking for a field trip to USC college of Engineering and Computing (CEC)? CEC offers Enchanced Learning Experiences (ELE) to any South Carolina class, preferably AP Science classes and PLTW classes. Students will spend 4 hours (including a break for lunch) engaging in a topic specific, hands-on activity that will peak a student's interest. Make our classroom become yours for one day! CEC is offering reimbursement for all expenses associated with the trip, including the cost for the bus (district bus only), the bus driver, bus mileage reimbursement and substitute teacher. Lunch will also be provided at no cost to the school or student. For more information and application please visit the College of Engineering and Computing website at www.cec.sc.edu/outreach/index.html.